Engineering Projects and Reports

ASCE Concrete Canoe

As apart of the club as head of modeling and drafting I was in charge of researching and understanding the needs of the team. Through this understanding I had to Sketch, design, and model the boat in a Inventor to be able to be CNC'd to create a mold.

Space invaders in Java

Created a simplistic version of space invaders in procsccing using images and with sound effects

Intro to Flight: Sub-Sonic Commercial Air-craft Report 

This report explores the creation of a sub sonic aircraft and research of airfoils and wing creation

Intro to Flight: F1 Car Wing design 

This report explores different wings utilized for F1 cars and the impact on specific turn speeds.

Intro to Flight: Chinese Balloon Report

This report delves into the current information known about the balloon and different information related to its travel.

Snell Redesign

For this project, the goal was to survey students to find a problem on campus, and through research and more interviewing, illustrate a possible solution in a memo format.


Cornerstone Final Project: Gum Run

The goal was as a team, to research, brainstorm, design, create, and test a museum exhibit related to a pertinent sustainability topic.

Statics: Exploration of "Roly Poly" stability

This report explains the calculations related to the stability of “Roly Poly”s (a cone with a spherical base).

BAJA SAE: Welding Frame

While working with the BAJA SAE club spring semester of my freshman year, I worked with a team of fellow beginners to create a welding frame for the chassis of the vehicle. We collaborated to understand technical drawings and utilized different machinist techniques to fully realize the parts.

PLTW POE: Robot Project

This project entailed designing, building, coding, and testing a robot to complete different tasks set forth by the instructor.

PLTW POE: Cooling Project

This project was to learn about and utilize insulation properties to maintain heat inside of a enclosed space.

PLTW POE: Bridge Project

This project was to calculate static forces in a bridge and then do research to create a bridge with the highest strength to weight ratio.

PLTW POE: Found Materials 

This project was to build a machine that was able to lift up a weight and minimizing user input.